Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where is Fifteen Days?

I was so frustrated the last time I went to the DFA office for my passport renewal. Aside from the hassles I received which may not rare anyway when it comes to Philippine government services. What made me more upset was paying the fastest processing period which is 15 days but did not actually get it. I was there on 29th of November but the releasing period is December 29. Why DFA? Even though you are going to count the holidays, still it won't be that long. Please do the math DFA. The releasing date scheduled for me is not what I paid for! Grrrr.....Oh how sad, this is the Philippine government!

Where is the justice here?

1 comment:

  1. hay pastilan...ang pilipinas lagi ba...pero pag imo na tunulan under the table sis dali ra know pinas...uso ang under the!

    salamat sa visit sis...hope all is well and the kids.



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