Monday, November 28, 2011

Embracing Cokaliong Shipping Once Again

Tonight is my come back to Cebu to continue what I have started on the last trip. Since we moved in Mindanao traveling is becoming more exciting to me. Mindanao has only limited access especially when it comes to government institutions so therefore we need to cross the border just to reach some other gov. institutions for paper documentations.

Tonight I'm scheduled to hop on the ferry Cokaliong bound to Cebu. I simply chose it rather riding on a plane because I want to start my Tuesday so early in that way if I can finish all my transactions within the day I will be hopping again on the ship in the evening. Oh, so tiring! I am always on a hurry. Remember I have 2 preschooler at home so I need to do it that way. Is a mother really like this? The thought is always on the kids?

Anyway for Cokaliong shipping schedule, here below:

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