Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dapitan Field Trip

The school where my kids are attending has a field trip in Dapitan. They have different schools but they have the same destination and same accommodation which is Dakak beach resort. I want them to go but I am not just comfortable because I am not there to be with them. I felt sorry for my kids. After all the conversations we had, hubby and I decided that we'll go to Dakak when we get there. So the kids have to wait for that moment. Right now they can't go with their classmates.

Dapitan is a wonderful place with lots of things to do. When we go there I'd love to bring the kids to Gloria Fantasyland. I heard there are lots of rides for the kids to enjoy. I am looking forward to that moment. Soon I'll be in the back to my country where my 2 little angels continue growing with their grandparents. See you soon guys!

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