Friday, December 21, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 Winner Olivia Culpo

Have you watch the full show Miss Universe Show last night? The first photo was the top 5 finalists who able to make it to that level. As you can see, Miss Brazil, USA, Australia, Philippines and Venezuela.

Above, in the 2nd photo were Miss Philippines (Janine Tugonon) and Miss USA (Olivia Culpo)  finalists. Of course I am in favor of my own country to get the crown. She really deserves it. However, the judges decided to let Miss USA (Olivia Culpon) to be crowned as the Miss Universe for 2012. So Janine Tugonon got the crown of Miss Universe 1st Runner-Up.

There she is Miss Olivia Culpo as the 2012 Miss Universe winner! Congratulations to her.

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