Sunday, November 23, 2008

Common Reasons Why People go into Business

Getting into business is not really easy as you know. It needs knowledge and of course your passion in doing it. There are people that are employed and quit in their job because he don't want being dictated by their superior in what to do. So he quit and start having his own business but at the end it is a failure got bankrupt because don't know how to run it. Aside from being a failure he is also a jobless. You want that to happen to you guys? Surely not!

I heard also that money is in business. Individual who are in business become rich. Do you think so? Well, for me it depends. Everybody wants to be successful in life but be sure before doing any moves we have to think about it many times especially when money is involved. So below is the answer why people go into business.

Common reasons:

*To be their own boss

*To be in control

*To have freedom

*To be successful

*To gain recognition

*To feel a sense of accomplishment


  1. whoa! i love to go in2 business!!!!

  2. hello.. i cant leave message in cbox i write here. im hapy to have ex-link with you.. just check my list.. thanks

  3. thanks for being here I appreciate it so much.

  4. hi...plz give me some reasons why do people go into business....bcoz i need more informations b4 i sart a small business...plz...,thanks!



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