Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Should Pay Registration Fee or Else Stay

This year is the first time of my kids to travel abroad. Since I don't secure them a Philippine passport as parent or guardian we must have to pay the registration fee at the immigration section at the airport which is supposed to be done at their main office located somewhere in Mandaue City if you are from Cebu.

My kids were born in the Philippines and I am not aware about this thing that we need to pay the said registration fee which is 1,220.00. Since there are two of them so we doubled the payment. It is a lot of money to pay you know. After the terminal fee (550.00/each), travel tax (1,620.00/each) and so on we became broke. lol! 

So when you travel abroad those mentioned fees must have to pay or else you will stay at the airport if no money to pay. Well, isn't that bad?

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