Thursday, July 5, 2012

House Rental Closed Deal

I felt blessed this week for closing the deal with my future tenant. It's my 2nd closed deal in house rental business. Right now I am excited to have my commission. lol! If the hired real-estate agent closed that deal in behalf of me so I have no commission.

I am so fond of doing real-estate business. I tried attending seminars years ago as part of being a real-estate agent but I quit because of lacked of focused and determination. Besides my kids were too small on those times, they need me badly.

Real-estate is really proven booming in the Philippines up to now. In fact, there are lots of  newly built subdivisions especially in the city where we are recently and good thing is more houses to come. Hopefully someday we could buy more units as part of our investments. Even though slowly but I know for sure this is a profitable one.

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