Saturday, May 7, 2011

Visiting NBI Once Again!

Last Tuesday was a long tiring day for me. I was awake so early for the goal of visiting NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) to get my clearance. The last time I took my last clearance was year 2007 and now that 2011 still the procedure has no improvement, still time consuming. I was so upset when I went there because the line for capturing photo is like more than 10 meters. Could you imagine that long line? Whew! way to long! The slow movement made me hungry and caused me a headache.

The rain started dropping on and off when I arrived to their office. Since I need to get the clearance I have no choice except to fall in line no matter or shine. So I fall in line and waiting under the heat of sun for the releasing of clearance. Now, based on that visit I observed that they still haven't find a bigger office to cater a mass of people inside an air conditioned building like other government offices such as SSS (Social Security Office), DFA (Dept. of Foreign Affairs), Phil Health and etc.

So what about you, what did you experience and notice on your first and last visit to that government agency?

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