Sunday, November 9, 2008

Simpliest Remedy for Smelly Shoes

Let's admit it that there are people who have a smelly shoes out there and the possible causes could be: Not changing socks everyday; and wearing shoes even if the feet is wet. So, are you the one of those people doing it and now a member with a smelly shoes like a rotten rat? Don't worry ,I have a tip for you to solve your problem. Just follow the steps below.


1.) Wrap very well your smelly shoes with a plastic bag; and

2.) Put it in the fridge like 30 minutes. Take note not in the freezer


  1. Yuck ... what if my whole fridge smells like the stinky shoes then?

  2. Hi Lili thanks for the comment, it will be smelly if u'll not wrap it properly

  3. Come on, are you serious about this? Any scientific explanation why?

  4. I'm agree with Maryzille; why it must wrap on plastic bag and put on fridge. I need an explanation.
    Good info, good post ! Thank you !



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