Monday, September 10, 2012

The Harrison Hot Springs

A week ago Harrison place was our destination to see how Harrison Hot Springs looks like. From Harrison Resort the location of this isolated place is about 15 minutes by walk. I was really intrigued with this hot springs since I never seen a hot spring in my whole life. lol!

To my surprise the hot springs are inside this color peach standing building. Since it`s boiling hot water so it is blocked and nobody can get inside. 

The water is above 140 degrees so surely can cause severe burns once somebody fall or would attempt to touch it. Anyway there is a signage as you can see below.


Above last image is a pond right beside the building where the springs are located. The water is still hot but not as hot as inside the cage. In fact people are washing their hands in there to feel its hotness and I did the same thing. lol!

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