Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Busy Afternoon

My fingers are already in pain typing because of the filed work waiting. Oh, it makes me crazy! I have reviews stocked in the corner that needs my attention. It is like I came from long vacation. I got sick for almost a month last month so it is the reason why. Actually I came to the thought of forgetting all my blogs, meaning forget about blogging and just focus my time to my kids. But it seems it is hard to do it. I'll just manage my time properly because forgetting about blogging is so hard to do. Swear! Especially that I am an addict.

So enough for that drama, the important thing is I am feeling better now and I survived from that flu. I had a terrible cough that made my body trembled. I lost my voice. Whew! It was the worst flu I ever had. So goodbye to it.


  1. hahahha.....enough! oh my, nag sakit diay ka sis....glad to know you are feeling better na....:)

    sos ako pod woi murag lisod man igive up ning atong career sa! bahala na ug d kag blog hop basta ayaw lang ug undang ug blogging...saon nalng atong pangita...ehehehe!

    agi ko dire kadali sis....:) enjoy your weekend with your chikitings!

  2. mao na resulta sa diet madz, au2 dha.



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