Friday, April 30, 2010

Shop for Ecco Mailbox

We've been here in our new place since middle of February but till now we have not put yet any mailbox outside our gate. Every time I have mail the mailman will just hand it directly to the housekeeper. Actually when the contractor installed our gate there was an extra material to be used for a small mailbox but I was hesitant to let him do it because I had a plan of getting a nice ecco mailbox. The first time I saw their different designs of ecco mailboxes I can't really stop my self uttering the word wow. Why? It is because it's the only store where I saw an elegant designs of mailboxes.

Right now, I am into the plan of getting our own ecco wall mount mailbox. I want the ecco e7 mailbox in Satin Brass because it looks very elegant and it really matches with the color of our gate. If you want to get your own too just head yourself at ecco mailbox.

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