Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It Is soooo Irritating...

Are you wondering if what is so irritating here? Well guys, the irritating part I am talking about here is when you go shopping by yourself then after a long run picking up the things you want to buy will just return to its place once you left your shopping basket or cart in just few minutes. I don't know if you experience a case like that but in my part just to tell you it's happening not once but many times already and so annoying honestly.

It is freshly store in my mind that the last time I shop I spent double of my time because of what the sales personnel have done to my shopping items. I proceed directly to the counter to pay what I got after a long time gathering the things I want to buy. So while reaching to the counter, unfortunately I forgot something that leads me to go back the shopping area and get the forgotten stuff. So I quickly run, leave my cart at the counter and without knowing that when I return my cart is not there anymore. Why? It's because one of the store personnel return it to the areas where I took those items. Well, isn't that so irritating? A busy person like me with almost no time for myself experience a scenario like this when do shopping is very frustrating *sigh*.


  1. next time when you forget something, asked the store personnel for a "RESERVED" sign...

  2. Mommy Lu- I think you know already that there are no reserved sign that we'll find in the shopping malls here in the Philippines. So far I know it's only available in the restaurants.

    By the way, thanks for dropping by sis.



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