Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thinking of Buying Australian Souvenirs

I love collecting souvenirs. I have souvenirs at home came from different meaningful places. The latest souvenir I wanted to collect is from Australia. I never been to Australia but I want to have stuff from there. I have friends residing in that country but I'm shy to ask something from there, I'll just wait if she'll voluntarily send something for me. Well, a while ago I dropped by in a site with full of Australian souvenirs and I want to own even one from them. They have wonderful stuffs which I really like.

Australian souvenir has different handmade souvenirs to collect. They have plush toys for my kids and some other things. Are you also into collecting souvenirs? If you do, Australian souvenir has something for you. Actually the last minute I saw the place they added new items, so maybe more to come in the coming days.

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  1. I love souvenirs!! I have a huge bin full of stuff from different places. I mostly collect postcards though because it cheaper. But I like to collect shot glasses, pins, those flattened pennies you get when you insert a penny into those machines and crank the handle to make a nice print on them. you know what im talking about? anyways..yeahh, i love souvenirs too. i will make sure to check out that site when i get a chance..♥



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