Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swimming in a Big Waves

Monday morning we went to the beach with my kiddos. They feel better from their sickness that they experienced few days ago so I decided to bring them to the beach because they love the beach and of course to swim in a very clear water. I was thinking that maybe the unstable weather could be the reason why they got sick. Well, the important thing is they are now free from those bad health condition and they are now enjoying the clear sea water which is 3o minutes away from home. When we arrived we saw that nobody was swimming and I felt nervous because I saw the big waves and it is also high tide. Oh, my knees were trembling when my feet touches the water. I didn't take photos aside these 2 below because we were in a hurry due to the big waves.

Just imagine yourself guys swimming in a high tide and big waves. Isn't that scary?

The clear sea water

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