Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday Getaway: Hoy Creek Park Salmon Feast

Yesterday, we visited the Salmon feast which was just held around Coquitlam at Hoy Creek Park.When I first saw the signage placed on the street side in front of City Aquatic Complex about the said event I became excited so I informed hubby about it and he said we'll be going. The scenario playing on my mind prior witnessing the feast was that it would be a busy place with people walking back and forth watching people catching Salmon fish and vendors selling food in variety of Salmon recipes. Unfortunately, that thought of mine was so opposite from what I have seen. I never have been into any Salmon feast so I really don't know what would be like.

In the feast, there were face painting, food vendors but not salmon and other kids' activities. What majority of the people made busy was watching, taking pictures and videos of the Salmon fish in the creek. The fish is so holy to the people here. They don't catch them instead they let the time the fishes to die right there in the creek when it's time. I was really surprised and amazed how they preserve the nature. 

Below is a photo I took with the lecturer discussing the Life Cycle of a Salmon fish to the mass of people. The Salmon fish actually is in different types. According to the lecturer, the Salmon in this creek of BC travel down to Alaska and come back into this creek with the use of their smell. Well, isn't that amazing?

So the listeners listened attentively as you can see in the photo because there's an exam afterwards. lol! Just kidding.

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