Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Smart Hellow Card Review

Aside from the leading free online means of communication using Skype and Yahoo messenger I am also into Smart Phones. Of course I want to save money specially that calling abroad is very expensive. But with the promos it is made possible.

Speaking of savings and promos I bought Smart Hellow card because it is the latest from Smart  in terms of overseas calls. The card has its own 11 digits re-loadable account number to use when making calls. 

To Call overseas here are the steps:

1. Dial *4336+ 11 digit account number
2. Enter your 6 digit PIN
3. Dial the number you are calling. Example for Canada type 00+Country Code+ Number, then you have to wait till you'll be connected. So as simple as that.

 Now what's my verdict?

So far when I started using it there were lots of times I hardly connect. At first I figured out because of the load but after adding more loads still the same. I can't get through easily unlike the Globe Tipid IDD which I've been using for about a year in calling my husband in Canada. For me this Smart Hellow service is not recommended.

Note: This is not a paid post I am just sharing with my readers what I have been through with this service.

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