Friday, March 2, 2012

Chicks in the Backyard Can be Turn into a Business

We decided to raise broiler chicks in our backyard weeks ago just for fun. We have no more pet since our 10 years old dog died months ago. We don't bother to get another one also after that. Time came, when I kept going back to the city it seemed I was hypnotized with the chicks displayed at the store beside the drugstore where I always buy medicine. Anyway to make the story short I told my father to make small space for the chicks because I wanted to raise a few. My kids also want chicks and they kept bugging me to buy. Then here we go as the result, the cage with 17 chicks!

This is how the place looks like.

After making further research about poultry raising I decided to expand this hobby into a bigger one. I want it to turn into a profitable one. We have a piece of land in a nearby community so that is the subject of our business, the poultry raising.

Poultry raising is one of the progressive business in our country these days. So why not give a try?

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