Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Increase of Philhealth Premium

I visited Philhealth office few days ago to update my personal record. Since I was already there so I took the chance to pay my annual obligation when all of a sudden I have read the post that they’re going to increase the premium starting this coming July 2012. My membership falls under the individual paying category so instead of Php1, 200.00/yearly then it will become Php2, 400.00 which actually a 100% increase rate. Hmmm...Doubled huh! Well, according to the article I have read online the reason behind this increase is for enhancement of the benefits.

So upon paying, the cashier told me that once I’ll pay my annual premium ahead the effectivity period I can save because they'll follow the old premium. Good strategy huh! So I didn't spend too much time thinking of that simple analysis, I pay right away the amount that I need to pay.

Btw, other type of memberships is also included in the increase. For further details it would be best to contact their office directly.

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