Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feeling Sad Over Prudentialife's News

The issue of Prudentialife Plans, Inc. has been out for a while but I just got time to reveal my thoughts about it and how it really affects my plan. Prudentialife is a company dealing with insurance, educational plan, pension plan and so on. Good thing that I did not do business with them because if I did so I will also be in trouble like their existing clients.

Based on what I read weeks ago, they paused paying their plan holders because of company issues whichever is that. Then court proceedings were taken part then weeks after I have read news pertaining that they continually do the paying to plan holders but educational plan holders will be affected because the amount they're going to receive will be reduced. It is really sad news!

After the bad news from CAP now is Prudentialife. So what company is next? With all these issues happening around insurance company I am now hesitant to pursue of putting ourselves into those people’s shoes. We have the plan of getting educational plans for our kids but do you think we still need to pursue despite of the bad news?

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