Friday, January 27, 2012

Deca Homes Poor Customer Service

My feeling at this very moment is like bursting while sitting on the chair. I feel so helpless to think of I can't do anything except to wait and make follow up calls on their office (deca office). Take note, it's not a local call anymore because I am already out of Cebu City where we used to live in the past years. So thinking of the phone charges from my personal pocket is like hurting me bad. But what can I do with the Deca Homes poor customer service? By the way the mentioned subject here is a real-estate hub and at the same time a developer of Deca Homes subdivisions where actually scattered all over Cebu and its provinces.

Our issue with them is their staffs are so slow to process our documents. We just want their office to give us the PTO (permit to occupy) since we are already qualified to occupy the house but sad to say that takes forever. We just want to take possession of it so we can start the repairs or whatever renovation to beautify it and then rent it out, but they have lots of alibis that really take us in the long queue. I don't like it and I am so disappointed with their service. We are very updated in terms of paying but this is what we get. Grrrr............

Well, all I can say to the Deca Homes personnel is-please speed up your working level. Your clients are waiting!

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