Friday, September 30, 2011

Search for Mr. and Miss Sportsfest 2011

This week CAMMSI is having their Sports fest celebration. As part of the program is their search for Mr. and Miss Sportsfest 2011 which has been held today at their school campus. All the students are the participants, from nursery to elementary level. My daughter is still in nursery level and she's also participating. I acquire her different outfits for the program even though I know that she is 50/50 to climb on the stage.

Today is the awaiting moment after the days they delivered their talent, worn swimwear attire, etc. At first my student climbed on stage for the production number but the rests she became an audience. She aggressively requested me to change her outfit like the other candidates every changing but when it comes to stage presentation she's on backstage. lol! Anyway, she's only 3 years old. She needs to eat sacks of rice first before proceeding to that stage. Besides, her daddy is very against in beauty pageant.

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