Thursday, September 15, 2011

HR Management and Tools

I remember how I dreamed of working in the office at the Human Resource Department when I was in college. When I started looking for job after graduation I enjoyed being interviewed by the HR personnel. In fact I was imagining myself as an interviewer. I don't know why I like that position, maybe just my passion. I know being on the Human Resource Management involves big responsibilities. Each employee has assigned task that needs to be fulfilled. And not only that, they are also evaluated based on their performance like other office departments.

In every business organization the Human Resource department serves as the heart in the entire sectors. The HR Manager should see to it that her subordinates are performing their duties accordingly using the HR Tools. They have the guidelines that needs to be follow from training, recruitment and other areas. When I had render my resignation Lexmark, who happened as my last employer I experienced to have a personal exit interview by one of the HR personnel. With all my past employers I can say that Lexmark was really on top in terms of HR Management. I was so impressed. Other business establishments should also finance their HR with appropriate and updated tools.

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