Wednesday, November 3, 2010

UNO Celebration

Holy Infant School had their UNO program before their semester break. It was a lot of fun especially knowing that my son danced very well on their dance number. He's in the nursery group and as of now he already showed his talent in dancing.

Patiently waiting for the program to start. The sound system was 1 hour late ( as usual Filipino time "always late") that's why late also in starting the program.

The nursery group in afternoon session. I have the video when they were dancing but I am having trouble uploading videos so I can't post it here at the moment. Hopefully soon it will be okay because I'd love to share it here especially that it was son's first time dancing in public with lots of audience.


  1. i'm sure your kid enjoyed the event!

  2. Am sure nagenjoy ang talented little boy mo sis.

  3. kelan kaya magbabago yan Filipino time na yan? it became a negative impression. dapat kc mag start na agad kung ano ung scheduled time, para madala ung iba. In my kids' school they don't practice the Fil. time, they will start agad. kaya sorry n lng sa mga late.

  4. wow sis! naa man diay kay future dancer...ehehhee...ka cute....:)

    woi, wala pa jud nig abot tong imong daug tawon? naunsa ba lamang.....:)

    tagae nalang kaha ko ug mailing add sa imong hubby sis...I'll send you another one...:) kung oks lang.



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