Sunday, October 24, 2010

No Internet Connection

I'm a Smartbro subscriber plan 999 and I've been loyal to them for almost 4 years. That long? Yes it is! I got their freebies twice for being a die-hard subscriber, a rebates and the Canon Printer which was eaten by the rats. Yes you heard it right guys eaten by the rats. They made it as their hide out. I enjoyed its benefits for only 3 months till those heartless rats totally destroyed my printer.

Along the way, I experienced many disappointments with Smart's internet connection especially the past weeks, it got slow or totally no connection. Every time I call for support they told me they're enhancing their service that's why I encountered the problem. Until when they'll giving this reason huh? Last night I totally have no connection. It just came back this morning after calling them. Because of all these rackets they gave me it made me think to totally leave their service and find something else. Well, what do you think is better than them?

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