Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Health Insurance

I have mentioned here before that I badly need second health insurance. It was like a nightmare when I paid big amount of hospital bill last month when my son was hospitalized. I have insurance but only small amount was being deducted. I don't actually know the reason why. So I discussed it with my hubby and we agreed that we'll get another health insurance. Health is wealth and we know that. Here in our area there are hospitals that won't accept patients if there's no money to deposit prior to admit. So sad to hear about this but it is the fact.

So insurance is a must. Actually, there are different medicare hmo plans available, so those small earner family can afford to avail. As a matter of fact here in our city the government has also a program like us dept health and human services so the poor can really have the chance to get their own health insurance. So to anyone out there who have not get their own health insurance be sure to get one because it is really important. As what I have said there are companies that offer medicare insurance plans so try to inquire or get a quotation.

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  1. Group health insurance policies are always beneficial and the premiums for health insurance quotations are lowest when opted for a group health insurance policy, since it’s important to cover the health first.



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