Friday, July 9, 2010

You Pick and Mix the Seeds

Do you love planting as I do? Planting is such a great hobby that anyone should consider these days. Actually to some people it's only a hobby as a start but in the long run it became already a part of their life and the source of their funds or money. That is how interesting this planting works. Farmers are very familiar when it comes to the type of thing they are going to plant, whether seeds or just the stem of the plant.

There are plants that need to be planted using the seeds instead of the stem and one I know is the cannabis. As a matter of fact I saw a place where cannabis seeds are available. So have you ever tried planting that seeds in your yard or in your farm? Some stores that are selling that seeds are in different packaging but at the one I saw they want you to pick and mix the seeds. If you are going to buy seeds you can't get only single seeds but variety of seeds. Actually to some places planting such cannabis is prohibited by law but in some foreign lands is actually not. Well, regardless of prohibited or not, just in case you want to buy it choose the store where you can pick and mix seeds for you to get variety of plants to harvest.

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