Friday, June 4, 2010

Way to the Mall

Here are my 2 kids Dhurianne and Daniel. We were on our way to the mall when I took these photos. Our home is only at the back of one of the malls here in the island of Cebu. The road is under repair at the moment so my kids are wondering why the road has holes. 

Dhurianne: There is the gold! Yes I saw it! I can buy now so many toys!

 Daniel: C'mon gold block my way! I want more toys we are heading to the mall.

1 comment:

  1. hahhahaha...ka cute sa imong mga anak sis woi....sos pair man jud ni silang duha....hehehe! agoy, pag naa gani gold, tagae unya ko ug gamay ha.....hehehhehe!

    maau ra jud mo sis kay duol raman diay mo sa mall...sayon ra baklayon...waaaaaa!



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