Monday, May 31, 2010

5 Most Popular Countries for Outsourcing of U.S. Call Centers

BPO is spreading in the country right now. In fact it is the working environment where employees receive higher wages compared to an ordinary companies. No wonder many workers in the Philippines prefer to join in the group. Among the BPO companies here where I am residing are: Convergys, People Support, Sykes, Western Wats and so much more. For me working in a call center is very stressful. Employees work more than eight hours plus they work during holidays. Well, if looking for money for some it doesn't matter anymore the quality of time to spend with the family as long as there's money to bring inside the house. For you, is that the quality of life that you wanted?

If you will try to look at the country's standing, Philippines is the number 4 in the most popular country for outsourcing of U.S. call centers which is a good thing because more jobs have given and hopefully more to rise.

Most Popular Countries for Outsourcing of U. S. Call centers:

1. India

2. Indonesia

3. Ireland

4. Philippines

5. South Africa


  1. nangunguna talaga ang India sis ano? kaya minsan when I spoke to costumer service...yung accent nila iba....ehhehehe...yung pinoy hindi halata...pero yung mga indian klaro kaayo nga bug-at ang!

  2. Yeah Buddy Even I Work A Call Center In Get Very Excellent Experience.Heads Off To India,



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