Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lines of People

I went out yesterday to pay our electricity bill because it is scheduled for cutting. Actually even just for 1 month that you can't pay here in our city the management will order for cut off. It sounds unfair, right? In my case I have not paid 5 months because in the previous 4 months our bill is only Php5.00. Why? It is because nobody is living yet it was under renovation during those periods. So now that it suddenly rose up they labeled it with for disconnection. hohoho! I was rushed yesterday paying it, of course I don't want that we have no electricity because it is too hot. For sure my kids will be in big trouble. So anyway, when I reach there office there were lines of people waiting for their turn. I don't get a chance to take photo because it is hot there too. Hopefully next time there will be no more lines like the last time.

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