Friday, March 12, 2010

Ezy Roller for Him

Kids love to play and that's the reality. During our childhood days, I would like to say that it was not really a joyful one. Since I am the eldest, I have limited activities like playing with other kids because mostly my work is focused in our household chores. My parents gave me big responsibilities. I am the only girl so I became matured early. Now that I am married and have 2 little angels I want them to enjoy their childhood moments. I want my son to experience the riding in an ezy roller that I found online. I love buying toys and gifts for my children especially if they are always behave, I am giving them a reward. I gave them already the personalized bowls in fish drawings and vegetables. In fairness my friends, they love it and they are using it often.

My children's birthdays are near and I am thinking of buying personalized pillowcases with their names printed on them. Well, that idea is only a part of my plan. Since they also love to take a nap every afternoon, so buying nap mat might make them smile till their ears.

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