Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Friend's Call to Play a Golf

Yesterday I talked to a friend who got married to an American guy. Their house is just close to ours so she can drop by anytime. She invited me to play golf with her other friends so it would be merrier. I didn't say yes instantly because I want to think about it first whether to go or not. I am so busy these days so I don't want to promise to her and besides my kids need my time. I want to play golf but maybe in some other time if not busy anymore. My friend asked me if I am familiar with Golf Platzreife but since I am not so of course no is an answer. Those words made me think deeply and I really want to know about it.

Anyway guys when was the last time you played Golf? How was that last experience? Is it memorable and worth remembering? Golf is a ball game that anyone could enjoy once you know how to play the game. In the usual scenario people who are in good living could only afford to play that golf because it is pretty much costly. If there's no money you can't play golf not unless anyone is willing to pay for you. As what I have said golf is a good sport. If you are bored doing nothing in life golf is a good pastime to make anytime anywhere. Just phone your friends or even your relatives to accompany you and join the fun at the golf course or even at the Golfshop while shopping golf accessories.

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