Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Due to Changeable Weather

The weather here is keep changing these days, from rainy to sunny then sunny to rainy. Do you think it is good to go out during this bad weather condition? For me it is not, I prefer to stay home and spend quality time with my children. It has been weeks since I spend less time for my kids because most of my time was spent looking for home building materials and processing other very important things in life. So yesterday I spent my day purely reading and teaching my 2 little children. When my son got bored hearing me reading those books he look something else for me to show to them. And guess what my son showed to me? It's the car magazine that I placed inside the drawer. My son loves car and he requesting often to buy for him a new toy car. While I opening the magazine he pointed right away the steering wheels from Ford and uttering the words buy this one mommy! The image he pointed is one of the ford accessories found at the magazine he took. My poor little son really wants to drive. I hope someday he could drive and buy his own ford cars.

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