Friday, December 18, 2009

Vintage Jewelry

Hello everyone! Did you also collect vintage jewelries like any other people? I have a friend who is having fun doing such thing. She looks marvelous especially she'll wear her set of vintage jewelry. But what I really found cute are the vintage styles rings that she got. When I asked her if where part of the world she purchased those vintage jewelries she just whispered to me this word online. The word online means on the web. As curiosity flows on my nerves I search right away the place she told me. And guess what? I found plenty of stylish vintage rings on their store.

The store named is Vintage Yard. It is full of vintage jewelry such as vintage pendants, rings, earrings and bracelet. I explore the whole place looking on their jewelry. When it comes to jewelry my eyes would surely have fun staring at them. Well, I'm thinking of going back their one of these days to check again what's new.


  1. Gret info, friend...

    Can we get to links exchange,friend....

  2. Valentines is coming, if you need diamonds for your love ones. GO HERE



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