Friday, December 25, 2009

How to Match Tie with Shirt

In the sense of fashion we really need to do matching and coordinating the color that we are going to wear for it to look professional. Actually I don't know my fashion rating when it comes to matching a tie with shirt. I just want to experience and explore my sense of fashion. But you know it would be great to make our own signature of tie and shirt choice of color not just imitating what others are wearing. Just in my own idea I think it would be fantastic to wear a stripe shirt matching with a stripe tie. The color of the tie should blend at least any color of the outer like the jacket or could be the shoes. Well, does it make any sense my friends? Another thing I want to experiment is on how to match necktie with suit. How about you, do you have any tips for us to share?

It's very eye catching for men if they wear suit match correctly with the right taste of other colors. It expresses their masculine image. Actually, if you don't know how to do the right match especially the match ascot with suit don't hesitate to ask an expert or keep looking if what are the latest fashion trends.

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  1. Your post made me laugh because I'm ALWAYS begging my dad to match his clothing better. His worst habit is wearing a tie with his aloha shirts when he is meeting a client. Have you ever seen a solid print tie against an aloha shirt?? Not pretty! I'm forwarding this page to dad so he can hear it from you too. Love you daddy :))



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