Monday, November 23, 2009

Be Careful with Your Facebook Account

How long have you been using and trusted Facebook? Do you really trust that social networking site? Few years ago when I just started using facebook I heard lots of rumors about it, mostly the bad points about the site. I admit I uploaded some pictures there but just few because there's no really privacy there. If you really a facebook addict and had given your full extra support and trust in that site, well just be careful. Don't wait to reach the point where any issues will happen to you like the Canadian woman is facing recently. To know the story about her check it here.

photo credits: yahoo


  1. ang akong ikasulti kay karapatan man to sa insurance pod sis kay saon ni claim man sya ug depress sya...

  2. Yap it's the right of the insurance company but because she uploaded her pictures sa facebook site that she was having fun, mao na question iya pag leave.

    So therefore it's because of facebook site nabuking sya, it doesn't matter whether she's telling the truth or not that she's depressed.

  3. na buking diay...nice info...



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