Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My First Payment as an Advertiser

I am glad that got my first payment from Adgitize as an advertiser few weeks ago. My posting bout it is a bit late but I just got the chance to post right now. Actually my ad was expired on Sept 4, but since I'm happy with the result of my advertisement I renew it, but this time I am advertising my other blog. Please visit my other blog guys.

If you have not yet started advertising your blog just visit their site and start advertising it to start gaining more traffic.


  1. wow sis congrats...hapit njud ko madani aning adgitize dah....but for now..mamislit lang sa ko kay i am not done fixing my troubles regarding my atm card oi to connect with paypal na

  2. @sis Chie- unsa diay prob sa imo atm card sis?

  3. @silvergirl- I earned a little sis because I was so inactive for almost a week,but still enough to cover the 1 month payment for the next month.



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