Friday, August 28, 2009

Watch Out With This Guys!

On our way back home, we were riding the one of Cokaliong's Ferry. I felt so glad that we arrived in our destination safe and un touched even though the time was few hours delayed from their usual time of arrival. I am writing about this here because I just want to share this story to anyone especially those who are traveling often from Ozamiz City to Cebu or Cebu to Ozamiz using the ferry. To make it direct the ship almost collapse. I don't know if collapse is the right word to describe it, just try to figure out a person if he will be out of balance he'll be collapse, so the case is like that. In the ferry's case where I rode, the incident happened because of its carelessness. Some of the ferry crew said that they were using the automatic control for the machine and it was blocked. So they just turn off the machine to stop the ferry from shaking. I heard their alarm but nobody is speaking on their megaphone. I just ignore about it, then I go back to sleep until I heard lots of rumors in the morning why the ferry is delayed.

When I heard my neighbors in the ferry talking about it I said to myself, oh we're still blessed! Thank you Lord. I was happy but worried at that time. What if we are there at the middle of the sea fighting to survive because the ferry is drowning? And not only me but also my son and the nanny! I think this is my another life and I am grateful for Jesus giving me another chance. I am blessed! We are blessed because we are safe.

The reason why I chose their ferry because they said it runs very fast compared to other ships out there. So, me as always in a hurry I chose it although it is small compared to the other ships. My advice to you guys is not ride that Cokaliong ferry because the incident happened to us was the 2nd time already. The question is, what will happen to the 3rd time? So guys, beware and please avoid this shipping lines.

Our new life after the incident.


  1. Whew! Being in that kind of incident can really be scary! Good thing that nothing worse happened. God has taken good care of you!

  2. Good thing nothing happen. nway im not travelling in that area (ozamiz via cebu ) lang ba yang ferry na yan?

  3. Oh my God sis..i am glad that you all are safe...i am planning to go to Dumaguete pa naman this Saturday and thinking of riding cokaliong boat.. d nalang.. mas maau man ang montenegro cguro sis

  4. Sus sister, dont trust the cokaliong very old na kaayo na sila same with the trans asia haaay experience ko when i was still living in cebu.



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