Monday, June 1, 2009

Top 5 Part- Time Business Ideas that Bring Extra Income

Are you an employed individual who wants to earn extra income? This recession time we know that it's very hard to look for a job. If you want to bring extra bucks for your daily living while you are employed or jobless, why not try some business ideas written below for you to earn something? Just choose below whichever you are comfortable in doing.

1. Baker

2. Blogger

3. Ebay Seller

4. Floral Designer

5. Jewelry Designer

6. Web Designer


  1. I agree with your suggestion. During this economic turbulent period anything which can earn some extra income is a life safety buoy.

    Baker, Blogger, Ebay Seller ,Floral Designer, Jewelry Designer and Web Designer all these were very good new income earning ideas.

    Actually, ever your knowledge is valuable. Everybody knows about something, care about something even your hobby is a technique skill. You can turn your expertise into an income.

    A book "Make your knowledge sell" tells you more about how to monetize your knowledge which is a complimentary ebook and you don't have to purchase anything to do that.

  2. blogwalking



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