Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh Holy Pop Up!!!

I really hate pop ups but sad to say that my page has also one. I tried to remove it by deleting some widgets and ads for thinking that it could be the reason why pop ups stick on my page. My dear friends you'll see it if you are going to click anything within my page. Please let me know if you have seen one and share your knowledge if how I could rid off those things.

Thank you so much!


  1. I also experienced that before and my bloggers used to come by to tell me that whenever they click on my blog, the widget came up., it was very disturbing to them.. then i deleted a widget, if i m not mistaken, it was a page ranking checker widget.. do u have that in yr blog? u can check it out yourself.. after i deleted that, no more pop ups..
    another alternative is to disable pop ups from your own pc...that is another way but other bloggers might not like to disable that.. :)

  2. jalan2 ke blog aq jga y?????

  3. too bad... your site is still popping up ;)

    try "elimination" technique. Deactivate-Active your widgets one by one...and try which one is causing the problem... i guess try to disable first what reanaclaire mentioned here.

    let me know if you're still have a problem and I'll ask my Admin (known as "hubby") to help you.

  4. @reanaclaire-yeah you are sis very disturbing.Even when I visited some other blogs and pop up shows up I got irritated. I tried to delete some widgets make some experiments if how this things work. I'm still on the process.
    Regarding disabling the pop up from my pc I already did. It's now block but I don't know why still showing.

  5. @Margot- hello mommy thanks for dropping by. Yeah I already try the one you called eliminating technique and I'm still on the process on removing one by one. I already did what reanaclaire had advised to me but still didn't work which is I don't know why.

    Thanks so much for the offered hand. Yes I'll let you know if I can't solve this. This is really irritating.



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