Monday, June 15, 2009

Food Trip: Post #1: At Joven's Restaurant

Few days ago my mom and I together with my little princess we went out and had dinner outside. I'm always craving for seafood so I chose Joven's Grill at that time. And guess what? It was Eat All You Can! Hahaha! My favorite! I am not in a diet so I can eat whatever I want to eat. Are you drooling now while looking at these plates with full of food? These are the only some food that I ate. Could you believe that I ate all these? Of course there should be always rice. According to my husband I can't live without rice. Lol! Well, I think he's right with that.

This is my first plate.

And my 2nd plate

After these 2 plates dessert follows. See I'm really full. It's like I was eating good for 3-4 persons. hehehe! Enjoy the food and hey, don't forget to wipe your mouth.

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