Saturday, April 18, 2009

Six Unimportant Things that Make Me Happy

I got a tag from Rechie. I just got time to post it I am sorry my friend. Anyway thank you so much for this great tag. I had fun doing it. I keep buying things like below because it makes me happy even though they are not that important in life but for me it gives me satisfaction for having them. Here are my list of unimportant things :

1. Sandals/Shoes: These are just some of my sandals and shoes. I really love buying stuff like these.

2. Bags: Buying bag is one of my addictions. I don't know why I easily attracted to this thing.

3. Make-ups: I love to buy these stuffs but I am not using it all the time just if there's a very important occasion.

4. Stuff Toys: This is a funny thing to collect.

5. Books: I love buying books but I am a lazy reader. I just love to collect and pile it at home. hehehe! I am really weird.

6. Jewelry: I love collecting jewelry and wants to collect more.


  1. Hello sis, thanks for posting this tag...i had fun looking at your shoes..i love them..mahilig sad diay kag shoes.. By the way, naa na diay si hubby nimu,,,na busy nsad diay ang life sis sa laag nho?

  2. artikel yang berguna nih, mampir di blog ku ya di sapa tahu bisa nemuin sesuatu.....keep on blogging!



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