Saturday, July 26, 2014

Securing The Area

Protect your employees by using a card system. Each employee will receive an identification card that will be swiped when arriving at work. When the employee goes on a lunch break or goes home for the evening, the card will be swiped. The system will keep track of the number of hours that the employee worked as well as when the employee was in the building. Only employees who have a card will have access to the entrance to the building. This will ensure that the building stays safe. 

The systems are easy to operate as most of them have a simple keypad and electronic swipe where the card is run through. There are cards that have pictures on them so that management and other employees know who the person is and what their role is in the company. Another benefit to having an electronic card system is that it will be easier to prevent employees from getting back in the business after they have been fired. The card system can also be used in secure areas where only certain personnel are supposed to go while on the job. Some of the systems can be placed outside to control the parking area. There are systems that you can order today that will be delivered within a few days.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Financial Translation Based in London

For any business establishments searching for a financial translator, I would like to introduce to you an integrated, multilingual language solution specialist that is headquartered in London, UK – the Rosetta Translation. The company specializes in high-quality translations for corporate clients, and to mention, financial translation is one of them.

Why Choose Rosetta Financial Translation?

The company originated as a financial translation, they have an extensive experience across the whole spectrum of the financial services industry, from banking, i-banking and insurance to asset management. And with the composition of their well-experienced translator professionals, industry experts, and project managers who have been performing such job for years, even your most complex assignment or project will be able to handle appropriately and in quality results.

For everybody’s information, Rosetta offers financial translation, such as financial statements, audit documents, etcetera, both for corporates and financial institutions.

Their local offices are in London, New York, Paris or Luxemburg and Shanghai as their most recent office. From the mentioned locations, you can get a free instant quote, so feel free to do so.

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